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Steven Sayler, Attorney

San Diego Business Law
San Diego Commercial Law
San Diego Real Estate Law

Why choose Steven Sayler as your attorney?

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My advice to clients is that they prevent legal problems with sound agreements and good documentation.

When issues do arise, we make an earnest attempt to resolve your dispute through negotiation or mediation.

If those attempts do not resolve your issue, you can proceed in confidence with Steven Sayler. As an experienced attorney (licensed since 1986) he will fight in court for your best interest, and will work to get the best result possible.

The Law Office of Steven Sayler handles business
law and real estate law matters involving:

  • Contracts
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Interference with business contracts
  • Unfair business practices and competition
  • Fraud and deceit
  • Breaches of non-compete clauses
  • Business disputes and dissolutions
  • Real estate purchase and sale agreements
  • Real estate fraud and non-disclosure
  • Easements, boundary and title disputes
    (Established a landmark case through successful litigation)
  • Construction contract and mechanic lien cases
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Commercial lease disputes

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